Traveling Down The Winding Road of Life

1951- I recently married a Greek electrician and former sailor named  Enistasious (Tosh) Angelos. He's also an aspiring musician. There is lots of disapproval towards us, mostly because he's white and I'm black. My mother is one of the largest to disapprove. and, consequentially, the one I'm most afraid of. I'm also taking some modern dance classes, and I met some legends like Alvin Ailey and Ruth Beckford.

1954-1955- I toured Europe in the production of Porgy and Bess. I try to learn the language of every country I visit throughout the tour, and if I say so myself I have become pretty good at some of them.

1957- Exciting news! I recorded my very own album. Calypso music has become so popular, I decided to ride with the trends. My album is called Miss Calypso. You should look into it!

1960- In my travels in Egypt, I met a civil rights activist over there named Vusumzi Make. We married and then moved to Cairo, in Egypt. That was where I got my job as an editor for The Arab Observer. I was just given a job offer in Ghana to teach music and drama at university there, so I think that will be my next move. I'm busy, busy, busy!

1964- I'm back in America now. Malcom X, the famous and very inspiring civil rights activist, convinced me to come back and build an organization. He has the idea of calling it, "The Organization of African American Unity." I guess we'll have to see how this goes.

1968- Today I'm delivering to you bad news and.. news. The bad news is, my good friend Malcom X, as I talked about in my last entry, has been assassinated. It's just a reminder of the cause we're fighting for. The news is that I have begun writing my autobiography, I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings. I predict it will be at least two years until someone agrees to publish it.

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